Department Store Suits

Somewhere in a department store, a man is trying on an ill-fitting suit”.

The man walks in, the smell of cheap cologne fills his nose as the latest pop song is playing in the background.  He takes a look around and is immediately bombarded by 3 chit-chattering salesmen, each pulling him in a different direction of the store. 
“Shoes!” one says.

“Ties!” says another.

“Suits!” blurts the last.

He blindly follows the last salesman, as he could barely hear what the other two said over the loud music.

The man is introduced into the department store’s suit section. He stares at hundreds of muted black and blue suits, as the commission-hungry salesman stares back at him.

“What are you? 5’ 10”? 6’? I think this will fit you”, the salesman says as he grabs 3 seemingly identical suits off the rack.

Department Store suit.png

“Which one do you like best?” The man couldn’t tell the difference; They all looked dark, plain, and generic.

He hesitantly pointed to the one in the middle of the three, and the salesman rushed him back to the changing rooms.

“How do you feel?” The salesman almost yells, looking at the man with dollar-signs in his eyes.

“Well, it feels a little big here and I’m not sure I like the style much-”  

“Nonsense!” he interrupts “That’s how it’s suppose it look, it flatters you”

The man looks at himself in the fitting room mirror. The shoulders in the jacket are too big, the sleeves are too short, and overall, the man looks like a nightmare, but he doesn’t know it. The confidence of the eager salesman has convinced the unfortunate man to buy the rather ill-fitting suit.

He walks out of the department store with a lot more than what he thought was a bargain; Add to the list an empty wallet, a delusional sense of style, and a false sense of confidence.

Does this story sound familiar? I myself have fallen into this trap before and have walked out of the department store feeling great, only realizing weeks later that the suit did not, in fact, “flatter” me. Don’t get me started on the customer service either, the salesman couldn’t care less about how I looked in the suit that HE picked out. All he could see was a walking commission check.

And that, my friends, is why I went to the guys over at True Gentleman to get my next suit. Not only was the customer service very intimate, but the suit was personally fit to my very specific body type. I couldn’t be happier. Never again waste your time in a department store trying on suits that you know will never satisfied your needs. Every body type is different and unique, you need something that fits yours. Head over to your custom bespoke suit company, True Gentleman, and get into the suit that not only looks good on you, but also makes you feel like a million bucks.

Trapper Roderick