The answer to your question is YES!

Let's us show you how you can get the perfect fit to make you a trendy men's fashion icon and look a little bit taller.

If you are short and want to look taller a custom bespoke suit, we have the perfect solution for you.


But first, here are some tips and tricks on how to make yourself look taller and how to make wearing a suit your new favorite outfit.

It might sound contradictory, but it’s the oldest trick in the book: When you’re short, you want to tailor everything shorter.

The hems of your jacket and pants should both have that cool cropped look so your clothes aren’t swallowing you up and diminishing you.

Here’s some good news: Your compact size means you can pull off way more colors and patterns. So go for it.

Here are 4 tips you can try to add height to your look:

  1. One quick way to add height: Let your hair do its thing stand it up tall.

  2. Your mom was right—vertical stripes add some helpful length. Pinstripes are the best way to look taller in a suit. It's true, the vertical strips in a pinstripe suit can visually elongate your frame, but pinstripes are now the only good option

  3. A standard length jacket will make you look shorter. This look would look to short on many people but have the bottom of the jacket come mid thumb will look best. This is the perfect length. Feel free to show this photo to your tailor.

  4. Pants with no break give you an extra height and so will a nice slim taper. 

  5. Wear fitted clothes.

You might ask, "where to I get a vertical striped jacket or pants with no break?

Well lucky for you, at True Gentleman, our expertise is fitting men in a custom suit that they will love.

We also have 1000's of fine Italian fabrics and patterns for you to choose from.

Suits are a powerful look.

So why can't short men were them? You can, you just need the right fit!

We will help you look taller and more stylish in your custom bespoke suit. That even your tall friends will wish they had one!

So, are you a short guy ready to step up your game?

Schedule an appointment today and we can make a custom bespoke suit that finds your needs.

Trapper Roderick