Why buying Your Husband or significant other a True Gentleman custom suit Is the best way to get off the naughty list. 


He’s making a list and checking it twice, this year have you been naughty or nice? There’s only one guy who gets to decide which list your name lands on and there isn’t much time left to redeem yourself before Santa finalizes that list and makes his journey around the globe. But have no fear! The perfect solution to make up for any of your naughty mistakes is here! If you want to impress the big guy in red, why not start thinking about the guy that’s closer to home?


christmas gift ideas for husband

Buying for your sweetheart can be challenging at times. If your husband or boyfriend is anything like most, he already has everything he could ever want and more. Buying another gadget he doesn’t need is tempting, a gift card to some restaurant I want him to take me to seems like the easy way out, at times it seems like there isn’t a good solution. For the guy who has everything, give him the gift that keeps giving. After all, Santa’s not the only guy who needs a RED suit.

A True Gentlemen bespoke suit won’t only make your man look good, he’ll feel good too. A custom suit is the perfect way for your guy to take his predictable wardrobe and mix it up with his own flair.  Plus, True Gentlemen suits are made out of the highest quality materials that last a lifetime. The perfect gift for your perfect guy, is there a better way to knock your name off that naughty list?


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For those of you who are running around last minute to find that perfect gift you can buy a  Gift Card for a custom suit or blazer to come in and get fitted after the holiday season has passed.

If you are reading this after Christmas and you clearly are on the naughty list Schedule a Fitting for the both of you to come in and design the suit of his dreams.  Call and you or him can schedule a custom suit experience once the holiday season has passed.  You may also stop into the True Gentleman Store at 1270 S 1100 S SLC Utah 84105

Trapper Roderick