True gentleman overcoat

With winter knocking at the door men across Salt Lake City and the US are taking out their winter clothes or hitting the shops for some new winter apparel. From jackets and coats to woolen sweaters and scarves, there are a number of winter wardrobe essentials. But we're all busy and finding the time peruse men’s fashion magazines and go out in search of new clothing is difficult.

Luckily all you need to get through the winter is True Gentleman. Our new range of winter fabrics can be crafted into perfectly fitted overcoats and winter jackets that will ensure effortless style through the winter. browse some options

The winter coat is your perfect winter companion. If you don't have one, get one! Not only will you be keeping super warm and avoid a man-flu outbreak, but you can use your overcoat to quickly and easily can dress up, or dress down a look.

Here’s 4 ways you can take one winter essential item and turn it into a mini wardrobe of its own:

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An overcoat worn over your business attire is a classy way to say that you mean business and are aware of fine dressing.

Whether it’s going to power lunches or meetings, having a coat in your arm as you walk in or taking it off stylishly is going to give the wow factor like no other.

People can tell the difference between a finely stitched woolen overcoat from others and will make you stand out. Pair it up with a woolen scarf around your neck and some gloves and you will look like you have just walked right out of signing a million-dollar deal.



This is a great everyday look for men and is one of the best ways to dress for a day out with your spouse, family, and friends or a date with your latest Tinder hookup. 

Wether you are going to the Jazz game or to go see the Utes up on the hill this jacket is still fun but makes it look like you actually care about your image.

Ditch the hoodie for this years ski trip to park city and  max out your slope style with an overcoat. 

Here’s how: Wear a chambray shirt with a cashmere sweater on top, your favorite pair of jeans (ripped are and always will be a no-no), Stance Socks, suede or leather shoes and complete the look with your perfectly tailored coat. Boom!



If you're enjoying a night out at the Salt Lake Opera House, have an annual company dinner or a wedding that calls for a little more effort in the style department,  then bring in the overcoat to take your look up a notch.



Just because you are going for a stroll in the park does not mean you can't dress like you just binge-watched 3 seasons of Mad Men and you're feeling like Don Draper after closing his first car deal.

Wear a light sweater, tailored jeans, boots and top it off with an overcoat to own the smart casual look.

Trapper Roderick