January 31, 2018

HyperStake announced today January 31st that True Gentleman, a local Salt Lake City based company, now accepts payment in HyperStake. 

The world of Crypto Currencies is growing rapidly and is becoming globably accepted. True Gentleman Plan to be on the forefront of blockchain technology. We are pleased to announce that we accept many crypto currencies and as of today accept a coin that we are big fans of called hyper stake Hyper stake is a proof of stake coin meaning you a rewarded for holding it. Because of this they also have extremely low transaction fees when using it to make purchases. 

We reward anyone with discounts who uses hyper stake to buy suit packages because this is much cheaper for us to accept than even your every day credit card. 

Meet Trapper, the founder of True Gentleman. Not only does his company accept payment in HyperStake, he is also wearing our custom HyperStake hat. Get yours here!

True Gentleman Is the first retailer to see the value in accepting payment in Hyperstake and hopes that more retailers plan to start using it as they do. 

True Gentleman Plans to put together the ultimate suit package in the future for anyone who has a ton of crypto currency and wants to spend it. 

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