Why True Gentleman,

True Gentleman strives to offer more than buying a suit, We have turned the traditional custom suit buying system upside down and made it an experience you will never forget. 

We have Thousand upon thousands of fine Italian fabrics and incredible patterns for you to choose from for your custom tailored bespoke suit. To name a few they are 

Loro Pian, Drago, Zegna, Ariston, Holland and Cherry, Dormeuil, Gladston and much much more. 

Material is one of the most important parts of buying a suit but what makes each suit unique and one of a kind is the small details, we love to help you pick out! That's what our haberdashers at True Gentleman specialize in. 

 We love hearing what problems you have because we have all the solutions, including custom dress shirts to perfect your look.

 No matter your size or height, we will recommend the right fit for you, so that you can keep up with the latest men's fashion trends.

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True gentleman red gingham blazer cuff details

Our reputation as the #1 men's custom suit tailor in Salt Lake City, Utah is not taken lightly.

 We would love to show you how we got our reputation because we love designing men’s custom bespoke suits, it’s our passion.

And it’s fun to stay ahead of the trends in men’s fashion.

But don't just listen to us. 

 Our customers know we strive for the perfect tailored fit. 



True Gentleman perfect fit tailor review

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Your True Gentleman custom suit experience awaits!